We offer gentle medical care and contribute to society by developing, manufacturing and selling less-invasive and non-invasive medical equipment based on ultra-thin endoscopes.
Our mission is to contribute to society by challenging “Tsunagu” Technologies amongst human lives and providing medical equipment with high added value.

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  • FiberTech Co.,Ltd.



Company Name
FiberTech Co., Ltd.
Head Office Sakura Research Center
409-1 Nishimikado, Sakura-shi, Chiba 285-0074, Japan
Phone: +81-43-481-5381
Fax: +81-43-498-4575
Tokyo Office 8F Nishikicho MK Bldg., 3-23 Kanda-Nishikicho
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0054 Japan
Phone: +81-3-5259-7600
Fax: +81-3-5259-1155
Applied Optics Center c/o Fujikura Ltd., 1440 Mutsuzaki, Sakura-shi, Chiba 285-8550, Japan
Phone: +81-43-484-1534
Fax: +81-43-484-3969
Date Established

October 15, 1998

100,000,000 JPYen
Fujikura Ltd.
Kazuyuki Nihonyanagi, President
Main Business Areas
Manufacture and sale of medical endoscopes. Manufacture, import and sale of medical devices. Development of medical devices
Japan Medical-Optical Equipment Industrial Association
Japan Ophthalmic Instruments Association
Medical Technology Associate of Japan
The Japan Fair Trade Council of the Medical Devices Industry

Directions to Head Office and map
Prefectural road route 65 from Keisei Sakura Station, Keisei Electric Railway, approx. 13 km
Prefectural road route 65 from JR Sakura Station, East Japan Railway Company, approx. 11 km
Approx. 7 km from Sakura Interchange


Directions to Tokyo Office and map
6 minutes on foot from Otemachi Station, Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line / Hanzomon Line
3 minutes on foot from Takebashi Station, Tokyo Metro Tozai Line
7 minutes on foot from Jimbocho Station or Ogawamachi Station, Toei Subway Shinjuku Line




October 1998
D-Base Japan Co., Ltd. was established for development and sale of medical devices applying new technology and medical digital systems.
November 1998
D-Base Japan launched a portable endoscope co-developed with Sumita Optical Glass, Inc.
March 2000
D-Base Japan inherited technology of manufacturing ultra-thin fiberscopes from Medical Science Co., Ltd.
December 2000
D-Base Japan relocated the head office to Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo and was renamed FiberTech Co., Ltd.
September 2001
FiberTech was qualified under the Small and Medium Enterprise Creative Endeavors Promotion Law for the development of the video laryngoscope.
October 2001
FiberTech increased the capital to 25,500,000 JPYen through the third-party allocation of shares.
January 2002
FiberTech increased the capital to 56,500,000 JPYen through the third-party allocation of shares.
March 2002
FiberTech launched the angioscope (outer diameter: 0.75mm) for cardiology.
July 2002
FiberTech entered into the comprehensive distribution agreement with Vision-Sciences, Inc. (USA), and started the sale of EndoSheath System (protective sheaths for endoscope infection).
December 2002
FiberTech increased the capital to 236,000,000 JPYen through the third-party allocation of shares.
July 2003
FiberTech launched the ultra-thin angioscope (outer diameter: 0.5mm).
February 2004
FiberTech was certified under ISO13485.
April 2004
FiberTech established Sakura Research Center in Sakura-shi, Chiba.
October 2004
FiberTech became a wholly owned subsidiary of Internet Research Institute, Inc. (IRI) through the share exchange.
October 2004
FiberTech relocated the head office to Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
October 2004
FiberTech won the grand prize at “Tokyo Venture Technology Prize 2004”.
November 2004
FiberTech increased the capital to 336,625,000 JPYen through the shareholder allotment.
February 2005
FiberTech was certified under ISO9001.
October 2005
FiberTech increased the capital to 424,125,000 JPYen through the shareholder allotment.
December 2006
FiberTech increased the capital to 489,120,000 JPYen through the shareholder allotment.
July 2007
FiberTech became a group company of Fujikura Ltd. through the share transfer.
July 2008
FiberTech reduced the legal capital to 100,000,000 JPYen without any refund.
November 2009
FiberTech established the satellite office in Fukuoka, Kyushu.
February 2010
FiberTech renewed ISO9001/2008.
July 2011
FiberTech decided to expand Sakura Research Center.
February 2012
FiberTech started the construction to expand Sakura Research Center.
April 2012
FiberTech started the manufacturing of Optical Applied Products.
May 2012
FiberTech relocated the head office within Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
June 2014
Fibertech changed the registration address of the company to Nishimikado, Sakura-shi, Chiba.
July 2014
FiberTech relocated the Tokyo Office within Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
February 2018
Renewed ISO 9001: 2015
February 2019
Renewed ISO 13485: 2016



Since the company was established in 1998, FiberTech has put the ultra-thin endoscopes with minimal invasion at the center of the product mix and has continuously strived for development to serve patient-friendly medical devices. The ultra-thin endoscopes that enables “see the invisible with minimal invasion” is the best gentle medical equipment we offer.
Now we are taking a step forward to become the first leading company in the medical field on “Product and Technology Integrator”. Based on deep and wide knowledge and experience acquired through medical device business, we take advantage of our core technology, micro technology and applied optical technology, to develop new products and applications.
We continue to develop less invasive medical devices by creating new technologies and introducing innovative technologies across industries. Furthermore, we offer innovative and high added value products to meet market needs by revitalizing potential valuable technologies. We believe our activities will contribute to the development of next generation medical technologies and establish our identity in society.
The next business we drive is to offer the wide range of product portfolio which realize one stop solution from inspection and diagnosis to treatment, and advanced image processing technology.
Our activities are not limited to the Japan market. We are making steady steps toward international markets to have our products help patients and medical professionals throughout the world. Under the corporate slogan “C & C (Courage and Challenge)”, we continue to challenge business to connect people’s lives.



In February 2004, we succeeded to obtain ISO13485. In the following year, February 2005, we succeeded to obtain ISO9001. We work together to maintain our products in high quality as well as managing quality control all through our organizations.

Quality Policy

  • Be aware of customers’ expectations on our products and improve our product quality.
  • Connect Customer Satisfaction (CS) in market to Customer Expectation (CE).
  • Strive to develop, manufacture and sell our products complying with laws and regulations.
  • Perform education and training to improve our quality.
ISO 13485:2016
EN ISO 13485:2016
Manufacturer: Sakura Research Center
Certification Body: SGS Japan Inc.
Design, development, manufacture and servicing of sterile and non sterile endoscopes, endoscope imaging system and medical devices for surgical applications (laser related devices).

ISO 9001:2015
Manufacturer: Sakura Research Center
Certification Body: SGS Japan Inc.
  • Design, development, manufacture and servicing of sterile and non sterile endoscopes, endoscope imaging system and medical devices for surgical applications (laser related devices).
  • Design, Manufacture and servicing of optical application devices (image related devices, large core related devices and bundle related devices).



FiberTech Co., Ltd. follows “Transparency Guidelines for the Medical Device Industry and its Relationships with Medical Institutions and Other Organizations” which were established by The Japan Federation of Medical Devices Associations and disclosure expenses to medical institutions, medical personnel, academies and societies for the study in our business activities.
Disclosure method
We disclosure on our website.
Timing of disclosure
Expenses to medical institutions, medical personnel, academies and societies for the study in fiscal year 2015 (2015 April – 2016 March) is disclosed at an appropriate timing after the closing of the financial results. After fiscal year 2015, annual amount will be updated and will be disclosed.
Subject of disclosure
The subject of expenses to disclosure is research and develop expenses, academic research support expenses, manuscript writing fees, expenses related to information provision and other expenses. For details, please refer to Scope of disclosure.

Scope of disclosure. [ PDF ]



We have the technology to manufacture the thinnest endoscopes in the world. As of today, an endoscope that can be manufactured with the smallest outer diameter is 350µm (0.35mm). The thickness of single imaging fiber is 3.75µm (3.75mm one thousandth). The endoscopes we offer are manufactured by bundling such invisible optic fibers.
Furthermore, as the product and technology integrator, we utilize the wide range of our technologies, such as our applied optical technology, software engineering, etc. and propose contracted development, joint development and OEM supply of medical devices to meet customer’s need.


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