We manufacture the world's thinnest endoscopes using ultra-thin optical fibers. The outside diameter of the thinnest endoscope is 0.35mm. Our ultra-thin fiberscopes are applicable to very small areas. Based on the keyword "Optics", we are conducting various types of research and development activities, and developing new technologies in collaboration with research institutes throughout the world. We are certified according to ISO 13485 and ISO 9001, and also granted a license to manufacture sterile and non-sterile medical devices based on the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law of Japan. Therefore, we are able to offer high-quality OEM service.

Contracted Development/Joint Development/Contracted Manufacturing
  • Ultra-thin endoscope (flexible and rigid endoscope with outer diameter 0.35mm or over)
  • Light source, Processing System (include monitor embed type)
  • Processing optical fiber, light source development
  • Laser fiber, laser probe (laser probes for use in connection with medical semiconductor laser or Nd:YAG laser system, etc.)
  • Image analysis system
  • Support of clinical technology development

We provide support for development of medical devices where we can make the best of our fiber optics technology and micro-technology. Please feel free to contact us.

* Note: In some specific cases, our OEM support may not be available due to existing cooperation with other firms.

[Our Technology]
Ultra-thin Fiberscope

A high-resolution ultra-thin fiberscope employing coupled lenses with outer diameter 0.5mm or less.

Portable Video Camera System with Monitor

An endoscopic system equipped with optics lenses, CMOS camera, light source, and monitor.

The insertion portion is removable, which is available in many different shapes and sizes.

Laser Fiber Technology

Contract development and manufacturing of laser fiber, laser probe for use in connection with medical semiconductor laser system.


  • Medical Endoscope
  • Medical Equipment